The Catnapped Lover by Rue Allyn Review (English review)

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The Catnapped Lover by Rue Allyn Review - Bogfinkens bogblog


What does a bet between best friends have to do with a kidnapped cat and a tumbled-down animal shelter?  Nothing, unless you are Adam Talcott and you want to prove to your best-buddy that you can survive without access to your wealth and family connections.  Adam would have succeeded too, if it hadn’t been for Dierdre Clancy and that blasted cat.

Title: The Catnapped Lover // Author:  Rue Allyn // Series: April Fools Duet #1

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A woman, a man and a cat – that’s the beginning of The Catnapped Lover

This review is a short one in English, since I read this book as a part of a blog tour.

The Catnapped Lover is the story of several fates joining together. There’s the man – Adam. As part of a bet, he has to live without his money, his credit cards and his status. He has to prove, that he can do it, otherwise his best friend takes over the CEO chair of their company. He’s determined to succeed, but as a man who’s used to this wealth and connections, it’s going to be rough. His ways soon intersects with a crazy cat…

That’s what make him meet Dierdre Clancy. She’s going through a rough situation being fired from her crappy job and having to move out of her rental. She moves back to her aunt to help her with the farm, but only temporarily and without telling the whole story. Dierdre is not fond of Adam and want him out, men auntie Shea is smarter. Soon something between Dierdre and Adam grows, but the situation keeps getting mixed up by that damn cat.

The Catnapped Lover

The Catnapped Lover is a fun short story. It’s got emotions, humor and a sweet story to it. And of course the cat!

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